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Mystery Story

Julia is missing

Jack and Rose had moved to the house after the death of Jack’s father whose name is Peter. Jack missed his father a lot, so he decided to spend some months in the house to try and come to terms with his loss. The house was old, dating back to 200 years before, and his father refused to leave it no matter how dirty and disgusting it became.

Rose and Jack’s relationship seemed to be good, happy and they were both glad to be in Jack’s father’s house. A woman called Julia was brought in to clean the house and keep it clean during their stay. She was a 24-year-old woman with short hair.

One day, the housekeeper discovered a hidden button in the kitchen. She hit it and the fridge moved to the left to reveal a hidden door downstairs. Deciding not to tell Jack and Rose, she kept it to herself and went to investigate.

Behind the door, she found another house with many rooms that were extremely dirty. There were tens of buttons and screens in each room, and Julia did not know what it was all for. But she found a couple of old books on the ground and began reading them. She soon discovered that this was a time-traveling machine that had been made by Jack’s father. thai could be why he refused to leave the house.

Julia was startled when she heard a weird sound as she was about to leave the hidden house. It was the sound of the fridge moving, and she ran back to it, but the door closed, trapping her inside the mystery house.

Jaulousy Monster

a young man named Jack who lived in a quiet mountain town. He had a secret love for a girl named Aicha and decided to confess his feelings to her

The man In The Street

A mysterious man with unusual appearance and DNA composition is found unconscious on a busy city street

Lost in Merzouga Desert

Alex was a 20-year-old adventurer who loved exploring new places. He had always dreamed of traveling to Morocco